Greenkeeping News


With Christmas and the New Year firmly behind us, we look forward to a prosperous 2019 for everyone at Chartham Park.

A quick fact from 2018:
We had a total of 799mm of rainfall with the wettest month being November with 146mm and June the driest month with just 9mm.

One difference for 2019 is the new rule changes. This includes the changing of the out of bounds on the 16th from January; any ball over the left hand side of the car park is deemed out of bounds. This also negates the need for any posts or lines, a sign has been erected by the 16th tombstone to explain.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Konrad to the Greenkeeping Team. Konrad has come to us after completing a 2-year qualification in forestry at Plumpton College. Please say hello when you see him!

As you may be aware by now, the 3rd RHS yellow tee has had its turf stripped, been enlarged, levelled and had 16 tonnes of Rootzone added. We are now giving the tee time to settle before a final level check before turfing. The 12th white tee has also had its turf stripped, rootzone added and levelled.

Next on the list will be the 11th white, which will go through the same processes. We are hoping to be turfing in the first week of February, ready for the new season.

You may also be aware of the five oak trees we have transplanted onto the 16th hole as promised. I am about to have a meeting with a contractor to finalise the go ahead of 3 new pathways on the course. These will be:

  • On the 3rd linking the cart path to the existing path behind the 3rd green.
  • On the 6th with a path up to the 6th white tee.
  • Creating a path from the 7th green to the 8th tee.

Finally, the GPS system has now been expanded to a full course programme for the winter months. This will allow the buggies to remain on the cart paths, thus restricting any possible damage to the course.

Paul Meek
Course Manager