How to Burn Those Christmas Calories!


Many people can’t get through the festive season without gaining weight. It’s like a Christmas tree with no presents or a fireplace with no stocking!

The average person will consume approximately 7000 calories on Christmas Day, with most people believing that they are only consuming 3000 calories! The average female only needs 2000 calories per day!

The Wellness Team are firm believers that exercise and working out should be a celebration of what your body can do and not a punishment for what you ate! So don’t feel guilty if this is an indulgent time of year for you! Also don’t feel stressed about what’s on your plate over this festive period.

If you want to understand a bit more about how to counterbalance the calories you’re consuming, read on…

Counting calories can be a very helpful way of gaining or losing weight in a healthy way. Be aware of your calorie intake, but don’t feel bad about enjoying your favourite foods every now and then.

Here are some non-exercise, daily activities to increase your calorie expenditure:

Deck The Halls!

Decorating your house ready for Christmas might not feel particularly strenuous, but it will increase your non-exercise activity for the day. Moving boxes of Christmas decorations for an hour will burn around 350 calories, that’s the equivalent of a mince pie with cream!

Christmas Shopping!

Pushing a shopping trolley, carrying bags, packing your own bags and taking your trolley back will also increase your step rate and calorie burn.

Tidying Up!

Dusting for 30 minutes will burn around 80 calories, moping for 15 minutes around 70 calories, and vacuuming for 30 minutes will burn around 120 calories, the equivalent of a 175ml glass of red wine!

Walk It Off!

A one hour post-walk lunch will burn off around 280 calories (average pace of 3mph), the equivalent of 100g of Camembert cheese. Burn even more by running around with the kids, or throwing a stick for the dog.

Ice Skating!

Ice skating is a super fun festive activity and will burn around 165 calories per half hour, which is the equivalent of 4 roast potatoes! Use your core muscles to keep yourself upright, and balanced for an added bonus workout!

Cooking Treats!

30 minutes on your feet whilst preparing dinner will burn around 70 calories! Washing up afterwards will burn around 40 calories every 15 minutes!

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree!

Dancing for half an hour will burn around 195 calories. Dance all night to rack up the calorie burn!


Wrapping presents for an hour can burn around 120 calories, the equivalent of a glass of champagne!

Waiting For Santa To Arrive!

You’re still burning calories whilst you’re sleeping! An average night’s sleep of around 8 hours can burn over 400 calories. So make sure you get to bed early before Santa arrives!

(Calorie counts are based on an average female weighing 65kg. What you burn will depend on your height, weight and how intensely you perform the activities)