Simon (my husband) and I feel that we need to write to congratulate the club and all members of the staff for the superb job you are all doing in maintaining the high standard of service, variety of facilities, location and attention to detail, all of these done with a willing smile. Our appreciation of Chartham is most heartfelt, we feel very lucky to be members. Many thanks for providing such a good environment for us to enjoy.

Beatriz & Simon

We chose Chartham Park for our annual company golf day, following a very enjoyable day there last year. Catherine replied to all of my emails promptly and nothing was too much trouble for her. Upon arrival, all of our booking was in place and staff were very polite and helpful.  We enjoyed a breakfast before heading out onto the course, which was in excellent condition and we had a very enjoyable round.All of the members we met on the way round were very friendly and welcoming. We will certainly be returning again!


Thank you to all those involved in making the day go smoothly – bar staff, catering, greenkeepers, pro shop.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves again and will look forward to coming back again next year. Thanks for all your help getting it sorted out!

Andrew G

We had a wonderful evening celebrating my 70th birthday at Chartham Park. It could not have been better in any aspect, everyone had a great time all the bar staff, chef and Lynn made us all so welcome, nothing was too much trouble and they were all so warm and friendly - they created a really good atmosphere and everyone felt welcome and comfortable. I had a marvelous and memorable birthday and many people texted and rang to say what a lovely evening they had enjoyed. Thank you very much to all the staff who made it possible.

Kathleen F

Having been a member of the club for nearly a year, I have benefited from access to a high-quality golf course, obtained an official handicap and entered a few competitions. I have been made very welcome at the men’s mid-week roll ups which have enabled me to play with more experienced players and improve my own game. The club staff have a very progressive attitude to children and my young sons have been made very welcome at the club and on the golf course itself at quiet times.


As members of the club for nearly 2 years we are continually impressed by the quality of the golf course, gym facilities and the food. The staff are terrific, professional and always make us feel we are part of the Chartham family.


I joined Chartham in February this year with the aim of getting a handicap again. It was made very easy to organise rounds with existing members thanks to David and a list of golfers happy to help out which allowed me to get my handicap very quickly. Since then, playing regular golf/competitions and the use of the great practice facilities, such as the grass driving range, has allowed me to slowly lower my handicap towards single figures. I've also been lucky enough to win a monthly Stableford this year! Chartham is by far the friendliest club I've played at and I'd happily recommend it to anyone interested in playing regular golf.


I joined Chartham Park over a year ago with little to no exercise experience. I was one of those people that took the lift instead of the stairs and didn't even own a pair of trainers. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lisa as her classes have totally changed my experience of exercising. I may not be able to touch my toes but I am certainly getting closer so THANK YOU for making me enjoy exercise as you really are inspirational and push people to be a better version of themselves. Joining Chartham Park really was the best decision I have made.


After giving up smoking a few years back, the gym has helped me get a lot fitter and stronger. My main aim in coming to the gym was to get fit for golf. It's helped me drop my handicap, I have more energy and I've had a great year on the course. I won the men's club championships and the summer singles knockout, reached the UK final of an amateur tour at Turnberry and the regional finals of national matchplay, all for just a few hours a week in the gym. I highly recommended putting in those extra hours!

Mark H

Since joining Chartham Park, visits to the gym and classes have become part of my regular routine. As well as having personal training, the Case Study with the Wellness Team really helped me understand how to achieve my goals. When I joined a couple of years ago, running for 1 minute on the treadmill was a real challenge. With the help of Abbie, last year I completed The New Forest Marathon – an amazing achievement for me!

Miranda H

After having 3 boys and not being able to make the gym, I was a bit of a couch potato when I joined 3 years ago. This year, however, I have completed a military obstacle course, finished the Brighton Half Marathon in 1hr 49mins, and the Brighton Marathon in a personal best time of 4hrs 13mins!

Paula H

Fitness and being healthy is awesome! It's a way of keeping fit, a stress-buster, and you also meet lovely people to share your goals with. Here at Chartham Park, the staff are very friendly and are great ambassadors to the industry, helping you to focus on your goals. I love the friendly banter and always come back for more punishment!

Malcolm D

Chartham Park has been invaluable to my training both pre and during my rugby season. This has been an important year for me as I've been training for the Scotland Under 17s National Team. The staff knowledge and training techniques have enhanced my performance to a point where it was recently announced that I had been selected for the team from 500 students. I'm off to Spain for summer training camps and look forward to continued success with the squad, working closely with the team at Chartham when I'm back in the UK.

Jamie U

Sport has always been a big part of my life. Chartham Park is a great gym for getting fit. The difference for me is the Wellness Team, with trainers like Sally. Their coaching definitely takes your fitness to another level!

Gary G

What a great bunch of trainers you've got at Chartham Park. I was never really a gym person but my wife made me join with her and now with the help of Charlotte I feel great. I've lost weight as well - I just can't believe it! It's not easy though. I just can't stay away and I'm always planning my next visit. The cafe makes a lovely coffee as well, it always goes down a treat after a good workout. Thanks again!

Ian T

For me coming to Chartham Park gym makes me feel good about myself!! The trainers in the gym have helped to improve my body confidence. Thank you!

Hannah H

I started pole vault when I was 11, becoming French Champion aged 16 in 2001, jumping 3.65m. I then got a bit stuck! It took me another 6 years to jump 3.70. The following year I achieved 3.91 but could never quite reach 4 metres. In June 2011 I had my first baby. I did lots of yoga, meditation and swimming at the club while pregnant, and afterwards I quickly got back into the gym and started running with Abbie on Thursday mornings. In 2012 I became French National Champion (Senior). That gave me such a boost that I decided to organise a trip to France with my English pole vault team. The trip included 3 competitions. I cleared all my bars on the first try – even the 4 metre bar! That was the most amazing feeling - it took me so long to achieve it! Thanks to Chartham Park I have achieved a 16 year old dream!

Mariette T

Chartham Park is an amazing club. The team are so friendly & approachable. I regularly use the spin classes and work out in the gym, as well as fitting in the odd round of golf when I’m able. The team are great at protectively keeping on top of my health and well-being with advice, support & motivation. With the help of the instructors my fitness levels and cardiovascular endurance have reached new levels, enabling me to achieve 10km running time goals as well as achieving a level of strength to endure motorbike tours of Europe. I'm due to retire very soon and look forward to spending even more time at Chartham Park, and working with the team to achieve more success in my health & fitness ambitions.

Geoff S

I've been a member at Chartham Park for about 4 years. In that time like a lot of people I've been very lazy and really just treated the membership as something to have. But after a visit to my doctor he told me in no uncertain terms that I had to do something about my blood pressure. So 9 months ago I started to work out at the gym properly. And to their credit the staff at Chartham have helped me to reach my goals. Abbie gave me a workout routine and I was ready to get myself fit and healthy. I was then put in the capable hands of Charlotte and she guided me along the way to the point that I have now lost over 2 stone, I have the blood pressure of a 30 year old, and my doctor actually gave me a high 5! I've now decided that my training must continue on a regular basis and possibly improve even more. I thank all the staff at Chartham Park for their dedication and help; they are now my friends.

Tony R

I joined back in 2013 with the intention of losing weight and getting generally fit. With the expert guidance of the Wellness Team I started with a cardiovascular program, which quickly started to show the benefits. I then progressed to weight training which I really enjoy. Chartham Park and training has become part of my regular routine and it is now fun to train rather than a chore. I'm now a lot more conscious of my diet and general well-being as well as being a lot more energetic, which helps with a young family.

Leon P