Spinning near East Grinstead, West Sussex

Chartham Park Golf & Country Club offers various Spinning classes and serves the area and surrounds of Felcourt, East Grinstead and Lingfield.   The Spin classes in Felcourt are included in the price of your Health & Fitness Membership.





What is Spin?

Spin is great indoor cycling classes. Spin class are cycle workouts on stationary bikes created to add variety to your workout program. Spin classes are delivered in a group environment by motivating instructors who make the workout both challenging and fun. We use the latest indoor cycle bikes, Kesier M3 which are both simple to use for set up and easy to follow for instructions.

What are the health benefits of Spin?

•    Increase in cardiovascular fitness
•    Increase in endurance fitness
•    Increased flexibility
•    Increase in energy levels
•    Improves strength
•    Improved mind & body
•    Support in weight loss

Who can do Spin?

Spin is suitable for people of all ages & fitness levels and can be tailored to suit everyone's needs, as each bike is controlled by the participant and is given guidance throughout each class. Spin classes are also a great alternative to impact exercise reducing the stress to joints any lower body injuries.  Spin can challenge someone very fit, but can also be adapted to raise fitness levels for less active individuals.

Can I injure myself doing Spin?

Prior to each class the instructor will demonstrate and check each members bike set up to ensure you have a safe and effective class.

Spin Instructors

All Spin instructors are all qualified being recognised at a minimum of Level 2 on the Register of Exercise professionals. To view any of our instructors details please go to www.repsorg.co.uk

Spinning East Grinstead

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